Run to see Milkha Run

Once you get to the theater,  you can relax. The movie is 3 hours long. Even long by Bollywood standards,  but you will discover you got the stamina of a long-distance runner. There is not a dull moment in this heartfelt biopic. Farhan Akhtar delivers a lifetime performance as yesterday’s Olympian sprinter and sports sensation Milkha Singh.

For preparing for this role alone he deserves an Oscar. And probably his trainer should get one too.  And OmPrakash Om. Accolades to the director of the movie.

Rakeyesh Omprakash Mehra, who gave us Rang De Basanti and Delhi-6,  has validated himself again as one of the  best contemporary directors of Indian cinema.

The movie had an excellent supporting cast.Sometimes it’s a weakness of Bollywood productions not to give enough weight to the supporting cast. This one was superbly chosen. Kudos to the casting director and team.

Sonam Kapoor had a relatively small but important role, as Biro, Milkha’s first love. However, she vanishes too fast, never to be seen again. I would have preferred to get a glimpse of her whereabouts to get a sense of closure. And even if it was just seeing her ONCE cry watching her sweetheart-lost on TV… :-)

I wish the movie had some live-footage  at the end, and donning us with a little bit of Milkha Singh info before the rolling credits. So, first thing I did after coming home was reading up on Milkha Singh. (Farhan really looks a little bit like him).

wikipedia page Milkha Singh

link for Ibn interview: Milkha Singh on Milkha Singh

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