Saif Ali Khan postscript

Postscript of the Saif/Iqbal Sharma saga:

If we followed the hundred press reports, by now we are all  pretty much informed about what went down there in the Wasabi restaurant in this game of “He said. He said” with the whole drama of allegations and arrest, broken nose and grandpa on the stairs……We have it in the news, on twitter.  It’s everywhere.  We will digest it just in time for the release of Agent Vinod.  The only alarm-raising flag in this whole matter is Iqbal Sharma’s NEIGHBOR, who claims THEY ARE FRIENDS!!!!   I hope the media will do their homework and uncover if this was indeed an Agent Vinod publicity stunt, in which case I will outright refuse to see the movie.

Just the other day, looking at Riteish’s wedding pictures I was thinking that they (meaning  the people with vested interests, including Riteish himself)  probably made this poor man MARRY  Genelia to promote Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, a film that will most likely tank anyway.  I know that sounds mean, but I wouldn’t be surprised A BIT!   Riteish states that “promoting the movie” will give him “a chance to spend time” with his bride… eh, I thought they did that for the last 10 years…

Rumors started circulating about Akshay Kumar’s ” marriage crisis” just before  Housefull 2 opens in April. Poor Akki got all infuriated. Probably it’s something planted to make him look more “bachelorish” again…  and spike females’ interest in the movie  (why there should be a connection, beats me, but it seems to be documented that availability factor of stars plays a role in marketing.  Are we really that deluded?  apparently, haha). Meanwhile it’s probably causing a ruckus in the family. And there is a kid involved!

Question is: what to believe anymore! are we all taken for a ride? are we all victims here of murky publicity stunts?

232919-8-66.html    every news bit seems to end with the phrase about the neighbor who claims these two are friends… but maybe just one journalist picks it up from the other to make things look juicier




2 thoughts on “Saif Ali Khan postscript

  1. People have been mocking Riteish & Genelia for years about their “secret” relationship, and now you claim it was a sham, and that he was forced to marry her? I have no doubt at all that the timing of their shaadi was set for maximum TNLHG publicity, but that doesn’t make it a forced publicity stunt. I’m certainly not sure how looking at the pictures of their wedding gave you the impression that he was forced in any way. They seem genuinely happy. If anything, Saif’s little episode smells more of a sham publicity stunt than their wedding.

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