my cat behaves strange after watching Dhoom3

my autistic student, who loves all things Bollywood, interestingly enough, rejected trailers and songs. Usually he can’t get enough. Cat drives me mad.

Is there catnip in Dhoom3? We will get to the bottom of this! :-)


You know how your thoughts run wild during a movie? the same way as life flashes before your eyes when you die… my flashing thoughts were (not necessarily in that order..) Could it be that Uday Chopra mistook his role for Johnny Depp’s in Pirates of the Caribbean?…

Aamir. kabhi Ghajini face, kabhi My Name is Khan.

Aamir worked out really hard for this role. His body looks like out of steel. I don’t want to sound mean but all these protein shakes gave him man boobs.

The production team worked really hard on camouflaging differences of height between Katrina and Aamir. On frames where they stood next to each other, Aamir probably stood on a ladder.

Locations must have cost a FORTUNE, sets too. Costumes were splendid, except for Katrina in baby jumper and shapeless floppy hat. Thank Goodness she started stripping right away. Best.I loved the willowy lemony dress but it got hardly any showtime.

Also,talking about our heroine, they forgot to write a role for Katrina… really, what was her role? c’mon, Bollywood writer boys, you can do better…!

I am mocking and mocking, but I was wildly entertained watching Dhoom3. Not a dull moment. Movie went by so fast. 3 hours in a flash, you couldn’t fall asleep even if you tried.

Ending was tres (accent grave)  Dil Se.