Golmaal in disguise: Bol Bachchan

Don’t get confused by the trailer, it’s not another Golmaal sequel. That will hit us 2013 if God is willing.

Rumor is that Golmaal’s director Rohit Shetty approached Ajay for Golmaal 4  (for a moment I lost count), who turned it down arguing that it might be box office suicide coming out every year with a new Golmaal.  Amen. But that’s not the end of it. Hey, it made money, didn’t it? So let’s make the same kind of movie with a different name.

Let’s call it Bol Bachchan, so we can rake in a genetically verified Bachchan, and then we come out with Golmaal 4 the year after…(unless the Mayan calendar proves to be legit…and there won’t be ANYmore movies at the horizon after 21 Dec 2012..only dust clouds. Hehe, I don’t think the Mayan calendar took Bollywood into consideration….The Incas couldn’t predict THAT. Golmaal 4 is already in pre-production and will steam forwards through the end of time..)

I hope you haven’t missed the other masterworks:

Golmaal Fun Unlimited, 2006.

Golmaal Returns, 2008.

Golmaal 3, 2010

The never ending Golmaals are a mystery to me. These movies are loud and shrill and silly BUT they seem to make people happy, and mindless fun is king. So off we go, let’s get wasted and check out the Golmaal lookalike feelalike Bol Bachchan to bridge the time.

Hey and we liked the All the Best: Fun begins, which Shetty threw in just for the fun of it in 2009…

Rohit Shetty keeps the industry going and Ajay’s career afloat. If I wouldn’t know any better… isn’t Kajol married to Ajay?



Akshay turns vegetarian :-) Oh My God, is that true?

Yes, at least for the time filming OMG,  cuz he is afraid Lord Krishna will come down hard on him if he doesn’t.

Meanwhile he has released a poster riding through the sky on a Harley Davidson which Lord Krishna has definitely given his blessing for… (don’t know bikes too well but that’s what it looks like) – that, Iam sure would be his favorite mode of transportation if he were born today…. :-)

I think it’s a nice gesture on part of Akki to turn vegetarian. It’s so easy in India to be a vegetarian. OMG, there are so many delicious dishes to taste, you practically never would have to eat the same meal twice in your entire life time!  I would love to move to India for that reason alone!!


The film stars Akki as Lord Krishna  and Paresh Rawal as the challenger of fate.

The movie is based on Umesh Shukla’s Gujarati play Kanji Viruddh. All kind of miraculous things seem to be happening in an ordinary man’s life. The movie is directed by newcomer Ashwini Yardi and is expected to be released in late September.


Can’t wait to see Akshay and Paresh battling it out. But wait a minute…. they are also bound to appear together in Khiladi 786… they are filming right now. Exciting.




Teri Meri Kahaani


Teri Meri Kahaani didn’t live up to my promise, I am afraid. But if you enjoy the old Hillary Duff flicks, then you will like this one…

It had its redeeming qualities.  Some of the songs are really catchy. Great sets and locations. Shahid and Priyanka always nice to watch, even though I take points of for Shahid’s stylist. 60s and 2012 haircuts sucked. It seems that only in Lahore in 1910 they knew what looks good on our glorious hunk Shahid.  the haircut didn’t seem to deter the female attendance. Our Bombay Theater in Queens was packed to the rim!!

Maybe I have just outgrown the phase in life where I think legions of LOLs and smiley faces and dull one liners in twitterverse are fun to watch when bleeped onto the movie screen. If that’s what our era will leave as a legacy we’re doomed.

This movie shines being mostly dialogue-free. I mean who needs dialogue anyways? so overrated in a romcom….

Also, I thought in the first part where the jodi meets on the train the director decided it should have elements of a silent movie, so you thought Charlie Chaplin or the Marx Brothers are about to jump out on the screen…

Teri Meri Kahaani was highly uneven throughout. It had some nice elements but it felt patchworked, laboured. Silly. Sound editing was horrible. It had some major flaws. but I will also admit that I had a good time watching it. Nothing in life is perfect. So what if this movie had its flaws, it was still very entertaining.

Kunal Kohli shows great promise as a director and I am very hopeful that his next movies will be more polished as he is gaining more experience.







Dibakar Banerjee on the roll with Shanghai

I was anticipating something great from  Dibakar Banerjee, the writer/director,  who brought us Khosla Ka Ghosla, one of my favorite Indian movies,  and LSD: Love Sex Aur Dhokha.  Again he delivered a smash hit with his new film Shanghai which kept us crazy-glued to our seats from the first to the last minute.  Just like Khosla Ka Ghosla, where Anupam Kher gives his life to his role together with a rocking group of actors, also here with Shanghai it’s really the brilliant cast who makes the film come to life.  One of the weaknesses in Indian movies is that you got one or two A-listers, one or two B-listers and then a terrible supporting cast, which can easily ruin a perfectly fine film. In a good movie, every single actor from top to bottom is chosen carefully. I am giving Dibakar Banerjee a lot of credit for choosing again such a wonderful team.

Emraan Hashmi, who when given the right role, proves himself to belong to Bollywood’s big league. I like him less as romantic hero but roles like this one here as pimp photographer  or as crook in Once Upon in Time in Mumbai and film director in Dirty Picture  show us how gifted he is and what a fantastic range he has.

Abhay Deol nailed his role as investigator, who is initially miffed at being given an assignment to document seemingly an accident of a political dissident and how his conscience slowly awakens to take a stand for what he believes is right.  I just love him as an actor and what he brings to his roles. By far the most gifted actor of the entire Deol clan.

Well, and Kalki Koechlin is so unique and enigmatic. She is at the same time difficult and intriguing to watch. Her performances are edgy and uncomfortable and brings a new intensity to any film you put her in. You will always remember in what roles you saw her, even if you can’t recall any of the other actors!  She is a blast. One of the most interesting actresses you can find in India, besides the fact that she is white and Indian :-)


Not everything we would like to know about gets explained in this movie. We learned little about the background of the characters, we learned little about the political figures or the corporation that robbed people of their land. Information was stripped down to the bare minimum but the fact that we had to fill in the voids in our imagination didn’t impact on the pace of the movie nor its quality. We got drawn in by the characters and in a way I was even glad not everything was spelled out.

It makes movies drag easily when you get voice overs or lengthy explanations by the actors as they inform each other – with the only underlying aim to inform the viewer.

If there was a weakness:  the multiple repeats of the “accident” in slow motion  as eye witnesses report what they had seen- a tad over the top.

The ending felt a little rushed and we leave the theater with a few more questions to ponder. Overall though, a movie I would highly recommend.

Ferrari Ki Sawari



A little boy thinks of nothing but cricket.

His father, Rusy, thinks of nothing but his little boy.

To fulfill his son’s dream of playing at Lord’s cricket ground, the honest and upright Rusy takes a reckless step.

He borrows a gleaming red Ferrari. Just for one hour. The only trouble– he doesn’t inform the car’s legendary owner.

A wild, breathless, bumpy ride begins.

A naive Rusy must dodge bullets and bouncers for one unforgettable night, and play the role of a perfect father. Can he do it?

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a fun-filled story of small guys and their big dreams… and how these dreams turn into a mad comedy of errors.

Fasten your seatbelts. The joyride awaits…

(from Wikipedia)


Don’t expect Batman 3…  but Boman Irani is always a joy to watch and we got Sharman Joshi as a brandnew BW protagonist. He was saying about this movie that it is a heartwarming tale. I am not exactly sure which age group is going to see it.  from the look of it, consider me 14.

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