Countdown to November 15th: Ram Leela


Unconfirmed news of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s dating popping up at every corner. The boy keeps busy, eh? That’s good news. The better and more important thing is, after watching the trailer we are all hyped up over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s new film “Ram Leela”, which promises to score high on every Bollywood entertainment value. A hot hero, a cool heroine, a grand masala of action and romance: YES. That’s what we Bollywood aficionados are waiting for all year long. And it’s coming to hit us November 15th.

How do we know it’s going to be a spectacular movie? Easy. Sanjay Bhansali is a seasoned director/writer and producer. Whatever this magician touches starts to glow. His sets are lavish, exuberant, his actors inspired and becoming bigger versions of themselves.

Khamoshi: The Musical 1996

Straight From the Heart 1999

Devdas 2002

Black 2005

Saawariya 2007

Guzaarish 2010






PS, Dear Mr. Sanjay Leela Bansali

I could never forgive you  though the tremendous faux pas in Straight From the Heart. Filming in Budapest, using famous landmarks, whatsmore, and pretending it’s Italy… where we see mostly blond people strolling around in Lederhosen!!! supposed to be Milano? sorry but yeh Italy main nahi hai….  nor do we wear Lederhosen. Try Armani.



Okay, I got it finally off my chest :-) it’s been bothering me for years








in love with Deepika Padukone

I know I shouldn’t talk this way, being a woman and all. But I just can’t help myself.  Yesterday I went to see Cocktail, the new movie produced by and starring Saif Ali Khan and Wonder-Women Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty. All eyes were naturally on Penty, who made her Bollywood debut with this movie, an impressive one what’s more, but I couldn’t unglue my eyes from Deepika, who plays Veronica,  and who lives life in London’s fast lane camouflaging wounds from the past by acting out as a party queen, as the It-girl.

As Veronica, she is a tortured soul battling loss and abandonment issues and she hides a great deal of vulnerability under her contemporary, sleek fashionista appearance.  Audiences and critics were surprised that the hi-five feel-good movie morphed into melodram during the second half.  I wasn’t. I thought Deepika’s deeply-layered performance reflected already a storm to come. Not only did I love her character but she made me believe it.  Had Deepika been born roughly two millennia back in Greece or Rome they would have worshiped her as the goddess Artemis or respectively, Diana. Or at least she would have personified them in their amphi-theaters.

I was awe-struck when I saw her first in Om Shanti Om (2007) She showed such confidence and poise already in her Bollywood debut. Deepika puts meat into her roles!

Her performances shoot like arrows. Even in roles that show her vulnerability, she never wants to be pitied. And that’s her.  She can get angry, like any self-respecting goddess, she can charm you, seduce you, she can get hit by life, abandoned by her lovers, but she will not be submissive.  Not Deepika.  So I think she OWNED the movie, talking about Cocktail!

Diana Penty shows great promise and a real knack for acting.  She is doted with a gracious screen-presence and she reminded me a lot of this beautiful actress in Swades, Gayatri Joshi, who to fans’ dismay got married soon after the movie and vanished from the radar. Diana is exquisite, an elegant creature by all standards, but no match to Deepika whose acting skills keep you magnetized and breathless. Anyway, that’s just my five cents.

She could even pull it off making us believe her infatuation with boytoy Saif, who slowly starts lacking the sex appeal as a romantic hero, hmmm. Hrithik might have been better for that role..  but one thing is for sure, the actors seemed to be all very comfortable with each other, which is a strong point in the movie, the triangle story. Diana Penty though couldn’t pull off the falling in love part… hehe.  I didn’t buy it.

I really could relate to the rest of the story.. and I’ve seen more than one cases like these, where friendships are sacrificed for love. One of the hardest lessons to learn in life. Nothing hurts more and I thought that was somehow the more interesting part of the movie.  Again I could sympathize with Veronica, her disappointment and rage, pulling out all the stops to reverse the situation with “I’ll be anything you want me to be, just don’t leave me..FOR HER, Hello, my formerly best friend!!”

It also rings  true that we might go into a relationship thinking we are in control and it won’t mean much at first, but then we open ourselves up to love, gradually and unnoticeably,  and before we know it BANG! it backfires and MrWonderful-oh-so-fullofsh *t moves on to greener pastures. And for some reason they seem to gravitate towards our friends or sisters, as if the world didn’t have millions of other women to choose from…. Out of Laziness?  No, absolutely. Good movie. If you just start out in life, it’s an Education :-)


OMG, Deepika’s outfits? TO DIE FOR!!!

Music was good too.


Dee’s Wikipedia page:  Deepika Padukone

Karan Johar goes Olympic

Yeah, I can definitely see Karan Johar going stylishly gaga in his mount olympus box seat. He will be an elegant representative for India.  Fashion icon Karan, all eyes will be on what he wears each day, starting with breakfast. He’s easily the best dressed man in India and serious eye-candy. I bet he smells good, too. :-)

He will glitz up the box with a dash of  Haute Indian Couture and a glass of champagne while watching the athletes break into an olympic sweat. I am sure he’ll showcase a lot of his own designs from the Karan Johar +Varun Bahl collection. Can’t wait to get daily updates. Pardon me, but Who needs to go for gold silver or bronze if you got a package that unites all three?

I’d be happy to walk away with Karan.


— in an ideal world. helas.





Well, for the Brits maybe not in the kurta inspired shorts.. even though i can see them coming handy when jumping hurdles.







Karan Johar amongst two Indians to be invited to London Olympics

Karan Johar
MUMBAI: Producer, director Karan Johar is among two Indians who will officially represent India in the upcoming London Olympics 2012 beginning on 27 July—the other being Indian Prime Minister – Dr Manmohan Singh. The filmmaker has received an official invitation to join 506 dignitaries at the event.
When the invite came up, I knew it’s a once-in-a-life-time opportunity, so I grabbed it almost immediately,” says Karan.
While the PM’s invitation has come from his British counterpart David Cameron as a matter of protocol, Karan’s invite comes from the Visit Britain authorities, the country’s tourist authority. Karan has been in touch with the organisation since a lot of his movies are based in and have been shot in London. In fact, for him, London is like second home.
Karan will catch the opening ceremony in a special box reserved for the who`s who of the world. “It gives me a great feeling. It will be exciting to witness such a breathtaking event from close quarters,” the filmmaker has said in an interview.
Other prominent guests include Simon Vincent (worldwide president for Hilton hotels), Jasminder Singh (founder and chairman of Radisson Edwardian Hotels), Julie Southern (chief commercial officer of Virgin Atlantic) and filmmaker Anthony Fabian.
He is currently busy with the shooting of ‘Student Of The Year’ and will take a special break to be part of the biggest sporting extravaganza of the world!
Added Johar, “The 2012 Olympics is going to be a conglomerate of an epic magnitude. The memory of having participated in it, even as a spectator, is going to stay with me for a lifetime. It is London’s big-ticket weekend and I’m not about to miss it for anything in the world.

Newest fashion trend for porn stars: burqa, anyone?

It sends the clear message: burqa me, s’il vous plait! :-)

I love it when the world turns upside down for a moment… today’s moment clearly belongs to Sunny Leone, the woman who is torn between being a porn star, a Bollywood queen or a devout Muslim.






Sunny Leone spotted in burqa

Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 11:17 [IST]


Sunny Leone spotted in burqa

Porn star Sunny Leone has yet again surprised us, but this time she did it in a different style. A leading daily reports that Sunny Leone had recently donned a burqa to meet producer Ekta Kapoor.

Leone is currently working days and nights in order to excel in her Bollywood debut Jism 2. Reports also say that Ekta Kapoor has finalised Ms Leone for Ragini MMS 2. Though this news has not yet been confirmed, it is believed that Ekta wanted to keep the secret under wraps, as the Bhatts did earlier in the case of Jism 2.

A source informed the daily that since Ekta wanted the meeting to remain a secret, Sunny wore a burkha and visited the former’s office, in order to sign the Ragini MMS 2 contract.

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Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor teaming up again, yay!!! :-)

Good news!!

I don’t know what Abhay objected to but I happened to love Aisha. I thought they had a wonderful chemistry. Fashionista, elegant as ever,  Sonam was a joy to watch. She filled the cinema with scent of flowers in that role. Abhay was perfectly cast. It was a light entertainer, appealing to women probably more than men. But still, I thought it was a sweet movie.

I am very happy to read that these two will be cast again together in Anand Rai’s next film. I truly hope the hatchet stays buried forever because these two make a winning screen couple. Whatever Abhay might have said that has inflamed Sonam’s heart, I am sure he didn’t mean to hurt anyone.  Let’s hope it’s all forgotten, forgiven. Bollywood is a small family with a big heart at the end of the day. People fight. People make up. Just like in any other family.





Abhay Deol, Sonam Kapoor bury the past

Thursday, April 26, 2012 (Mumbai)
Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor seem to have buried the hatchet and are teaming up once again in Tanu Weds Manudirector Anand L Rai’s next film.Abhay is doing a small but significant role in the film, which marks the Bollywood debut of the South star Rajnikanth’s son-in-law and Kolavari Disinger-actor, Dhanush.Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor had a fall-out during the shoot of Sonam’s home venture, Aisha. Reportedly, Mr Deol was not too happy with the way his role and the film had turned out. He was even quoted saying some unflattering things about Anil Kapoor.The actress didn’t take it lightly and reacted strongly against him. After their initial outburst, both the actors later claimed all was well between them and that they were open to working together again.

A source said, “Abhay and Sonam are very professional actors. They won’t let personal differences come in the way of their professional lives. Both share mutual respect for each other as actors. When the director told Sonam that he was considering Abhay for the role, she was more than happy. Abhay is also comfortable working with Sonam again.”

Without divulging much on their roles, the source informed that both the actors will share screen space in the film. “All I can say is that they will come face to face and their chemistry is amazing in the scene,” the source revealed.

The source also said, “Abhay took it up because it’s a beautiful role and he loved it.” The film, which is going on floor by the end of May, will be shot in Benaras.

“Manjusha” jewelry collection by Jyotsna Singh, granddaughter of Maharja Bhupinder Singh.

first time I heard Patiala was in reference to the movie Patiala House with Akshay Kumar, which I loved but I didn’t know anything about Patiala’s history, its royalty, its rulers, its warriors. I think Bollywood should definitely make a film about legendary Maharja Bhupinder Singh, whose life is a fairy tale in itself. Well, I met one of his granddaughters and she is a jewelry designer.

FIf you happen to be in Garden City, this Thursday, April 12th, between 12pm and 7pm,  don’t miss the jewelry collection Manjusha by Jyotsna Singh,

on display at the

Akbar Restaurant, Garden City, NY, 2 South Street or in

Edison New Jersey on the 14th of April (please RSVP

35South Van Brunt Street #B.

She is my BFF’s BFF and I fell in love not only with her exquisite jewelry but also the fascinating stories she tells about her royal ancestors of Patiala.