Shruti Haasan’s day in the sun

Shruti Haasan is finally back in Bollywood, and with two releases! I saw her last in the movie Luck (2009). The movies wasn’t  impressive, but Shruti had touched me. It was her first major role, and I thought to myself what a pity her debut was overshadowed by a mess of a movie, poorly written and executed. She showed promise tho, I thought,  and then I hadn’t heard about her anymore. Not that she hadn’t been active.  She is also a singer and a composer, and she appeared in a few South Indian movies, (those that hardly ever get shown here in the US).She had a small role in Bhandarkar’s movie Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji. But nothing commensurate with her talent.

Shruti had some corrective cosmetic surgery done, more plainly: a nose-job, but surely the size of a nose doesn’t determine if one can act or not. And acting she can! She is sublime. There is an ethereal quality to her. Her eyes are magnetic. She has a wonderful screen presence. I haven’t seen Ramaiya Vastavaiya but I saw D-Day yesterday. And again, she stood out and left a mark as Suraiya, victim of abuse, turned prostitute. There is some stillness in her amongst the turmoil of the unfolding story. Again, it’s her performance that touched me. The eloquence of her eyes, her voice. I love this girl. I am almost tempted to watch Ramayia Vastavaiya, in spite of the negative reviews.  I would watch it just for her.

Born into an elite acting household, daughter of legendary South Indian actor Kamal Hassan and Sarika Thakur,actress in her own rights, she must have eaten filmi rootis for breakfast every day. She was probably immersed in all aspects of film from an early age on. As a matter of fact, I learned, she started out as a singer.

Read up more about her on her Wiki Shruti Haasan


I hope we are going to see more of her in the future!


Shruti Hassan admits to nose job. The girl has guts and a good nose now.


It’s a rare occurrence for actresses to come clean on what kind of jobs were done on them to make them look perfect.

They should admit to cosmetic surgery, for our sake already, women who don’t want to go under the scalpel and can’t compete with the perfection of a surgically enhanced human being. We need to pay the price at the end, feeling miserable about our imperfections. These models and actresses they walk around knowing that they cheated nature but withholding it.  They get sculpted, photoshopped,  dewrinkled, deflated after pregnancies, hair-volumized, extended. I mean it’s not fair.  The whole world is in on this big Houdini act, the big illusion. I resent that :-)

When you look at Priyanka’s nose in her early movies…. THAT WAS THE REAL THING!  maybe then we saw already something slightly modified.  This big secretive club of the surgically enhanced  is  very Illuminati and it’s time to wikileak it, to demystify so that we ordinary women don’t have to feel miserable about ourselves.

To blame nose-jobs on deviated septums is the new It-thing. I have the feeling it’s something plastic surgeons recommend their patients to say to explain why they look so different all for sudden.

I liked Shruti Haasan before and was actually happy to see that she had a nose that gave her face some character.  She is such a beautiful girl. Oh well… I shouldn’t be throwing stones perhaps. I wear eye make-up, lipstick, I trace my eye-brows and I give it my best shot to cheat,  in my own little way. But hey, that’s not cheating because it’s obvious and I don’t pretend I don’t wear make-up :-)

And look at this pretty face there, I am so jealous, Shruti doesn’t need anything, just a little lip-gloss. Darn, I am so jealous,  haha. I am proud of her though that she admitted to a nose job.  She’s got guts.





I liked her in Luck. That was a promising debut for her.