Salman working hard to reunite Hrithik and Suzanne… hmmm

According to One India reports, Salman selflessly reaches out to Hrithik to save the latter’s tattered marriage. So sweet. We all love Salman and Hrithik and of course Suzanne. We don’t want them to break up either. We still want to believe in marriage, afterall. Truly altruistic of Salman. Oh wait!


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These twosies are working again on a film together, right? and we hear they are getting along famously.  Bang Bang. Snap Snap.

Making headlines in India: Kirsten Stewart wants to work with Hrithik

Kirsten Stewart

Kirsten kam chayie Hritihik ke sath: Suzanne, get out those pink handcuffs that u might keep in the closet for other purposes… :-) and Hrithik: RUN!

In this interview she talks about growing maternal instincts. I dunno if I wanted my man to work with that little foxy siren.. especially with her newly discovered nesting instincts.  But hey, I can see her in Bollywood. She would look gorgeous in Indian garbs. Except they should make it a silent movie. Maybe RGV will get her for an item song. He’d be so down for that! :-)


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