Salman working hard to reunite Hrithik and Suzanne… hmmm

According to One India reports, Salman selflessly reaches out to Hrithik to save the latter’s tattered marriage. So sweet. We all love Salman and Hrithik and of course Suzanne. We don’t want them to break up either. We still want to believe in marriage, afterall. Truly altruistic of Salman. Oh wait!


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These twosies are working again on a film together, right? and we hear they are getting along famously.  Bang Bang. Snap Snap.

Shekhar Kapur’s “Paani”

Shekhar Kapur

Paani means Water, which many of us take for granted, our most precious resource worth more than gold and diamonds together, takes center-stage in the utopian tale of “Paani”, Shekhar Kapur’s new cinematic (ad)venture. We heard about it way back in 2010. Rumors had it that Hrithik Roshan was playing the lead role. But we hear now it has been assigned to Sushant Singh Rajput, tant bien.

Wars have been and are being fought over water since centuries. Ever since we started dividing fertile lands. Cities are built around bodies of water. Colonizing any part of the world had to do with retaining and maximizing water resources. Our bodies are made of mainly water. Without water there wouldn’t be any human history, period.

Why are we so wasteful and careless with this greatest of all resources? Polluting industries, household chemicals,  farming practices are all culprits; the toxic chemicals, we pollute our earth with,  sooner or later will backfire, either through natural progression and their cumulative effects or acts of terrorism and war that are going to target water supplies directly or indirectly. It looks like we are doomed.Deep inside us lives that fear, even though we carry on in blissful denial.

Of all our bills, our water bill is the most modest monthly deduction. I consider myself very lucky having unlimited access. Do you?  You probably will, too, after watching Shekhar Kapur’s upcoming movie, which takes place in the future in a world doomed by water shortages. A war is triggered – in good archaic style, by two young lovers.

I hope with this movie, ShekharKapur is going to rattle our consciousness as he did 1994 with Bandit Queen, a movie etched into the memory of anyone who has seen it. Paani is going to be a movie opening on a grand scheme for sure, set to be released in IMAX theaters across the country, promising us to feel its heartbeat like we haven’t experienced it before in Indian film.

Please, Mr. Shekhar, don’t relegate the water issue into a background score, though. I am already glad, in a way,  to hear Hrithik Roshan is not going to be the main lead, cuz this would turn Paani into just another Hrithik-movie and its message would probably get ‘lost in romance’, or action or both. By signing a younger, less famous actor the focus will hopefully be the story itself, its focus on What IF….



Read up on Shekhar Kapur’s extraordinary filmography:

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Dream couple Hrithik and Katrina return with a double bang

It’s official. It’s a reunion. Bang Bang.

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Hrithik returns with Katrina Kaif to the big screen after the mega-successes of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Agneepath with Bang Bang,  the remake of Knight and Day (2010, with Cruise-Control and Cameron Diaz)… Outch. I was hoping for something more original…Hey Bollywood,  Siddharth Anand, please! not ANOTHER REMAKE!!!

Having blurted that out, sometimes Indian remakes are extraordinarily entertaining. John Abraham and Nana Patekar’s killer chemistry and the pace of Taxi no 9211, the remake of Changing Lanes (starring Ben Affleck and Samuel Jackson)  was much more edgy and interesting than the original.

Siddharth Anand has roped in Hollywood’s famous action Conrad Palmisano, who has choreographed and coordinated the beautiful stunts in  Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger for his new venture.  image found at bollywoodhungamaSiddharth is much better known in the romance department. He  has directed Anjaana Anjaani (2010),  Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008), TaRaRumPum (2007) okay, a bit of race car drivie here,  and Salaam Namaste (2005).  I enjoyed all these movies and I am looking forward to his debut in the category ‘action’

It has been already wildly speculated if we will see Hrithik and Katrina liplock in BangBang. Oh, Salman, relax, it’s just acting!! But I hear we’ll be disappointed in this regard. (and I can’t remember Diaz kissing CruiseControl in Knight and Day. Do you?)  So we’ll have to see where Siddharth is taking us romantically. One thing is sure: Katrina and Hrithik make a filmi dream-pair! But we can’t say that too loud, Salman might hear us :-)

“Dancing with the Stars” sizzles with Bollywood flavor


Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd

Season 14: Derek Hough and Maria Menounos


Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson dancing to Bhangra


I bet it’s not the last time we will get Bollywood-inspired dances on this show. They are always a sure hit.

Even though the guys are all doing a good job…. Bollywood-moves are not in our exactly in our collective DNA.  Maybe they should invite Hrithik :-)

Krrish2 is growing up

No more kids play, we are getting serious now. Actually, I am looking fwd to the adult version of Krrish. I am looking fwd to Hrithik, in first place.  Having some serious withdrawal symptoms.Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and then Agneepath cemented my belief that Bollywood  should spit out 2 movies with Hrithik per year. 2 is a good number. Sequel or not..

I wonder, does adult audience mean there will be some hot sex? that it comes with a porn star, the latest fad in Indian cinema?

or just good old violence?

Hrithik Roshan’s Krissh 2 meant for adult audience!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 8:59 [IST]
Hrithik Roshan

It seems that the Roshans are no more interested in making children movies like Koi Mil Gaya and Krissh. Hrithik Roshan’s much-awaited upcoming film Krissh 2 has a new twist in it. If reports are to be believed, the movie is meant for the adult audience and not kids.

A source informed a leading daily that Krissh 2 deals with a lot of bloodshed and violence. Though a sad news for all the Krissh fans, but the new series won’t have a friendly alien (Jadoo) and child actors. It is more a serious movie as director Rakesh Roshan wanted to “bring out the violent streak in the protagonist” through serious action scenes.

So far we have learnt how Hrithik has been giving a hard attention to Krissh 2. The actor is leaving no stone unturned to shape his superbuff body for a superhero film. If rumours are to believed, Hrithik has almost cut himself from the entire world to assist his father in the film.


Hrithik Roshan’s (curious) case of polydactyly

I wouldn’t have noticed if someone hadn’t pointed it out to me watching  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:  Hrithik’s thumb, an additional plus conjoined thumb. Why had I never noticed in earlier films?  Was he hiding it? Why did I never see it?



In India, bless her heart, a deformity is considered luck. The gods gave you a special gift. I doubt though that children see it that way when you grow up. I bet Hrithik got teased a lot. Children can be cruel in their honesty and innocence.  All considered, maybe it was luck for him, it sensitized him. There is always a sense of melancholy and profound sentiment that transpires in his performances. Maybe it gave him introspection, the gift of never taking anything for granted. Looking at him, at his exquisite beauty, I am almost certain that he was kissed by the gods  in every other way. He became a successful actor, a good actor and he is stunningly attractive.

Is it because of the  symbolic sign of luck that he never considered surgery?  most likely he must have given it some thought.  In Agneepath there is a scene where he embraces Priyanka and the camera rests on his hand. I think the fact that he doesn’t hide the thumb anymore, well, a little bit he does, but it’s almost as if he is giving the camera the green light and says, Here, this is who I am.

I appreciate the fact that his thumb is coming out of the closet – I think it’s great, but at the same time I wonder if he wouldn’t be much happier if he just had a corrective surgery!  With today’s medical technology it should be possible.  I don’t think it would change his luck for the worse.

Women have a blast with cosmetic surgery, they are storming full power into breast augmentations, nose jobs, liposuction, fat injections here and there, quite upfront, often without mystifying  it or apologizing.  It does sometimes change their luck,  for the better, mostly. :-)

I think the human eye scans for abnormalities, not even viciously, but it’s almost hard-wired into us.  When we detect anything abnormal or unusual that’s where our eyes will wander.

It may not be vicious or biased, it is what it is.  When I watch Hrithik now on screen I almost can’t help but look.  my mind goes, where is that thumb, … And then I want to slap myself because I feel guilty for even thinking that.   In time I might not even register it anymore. We get used to things that are out of place. I just need to look around in  my room….  piles of books, notes, bills, cashew nuts and a cup with loose change, advils from my last headache three weeks ago… I don’t see it anymore, therefor I don’t see the need to change it.

Maybe I  appreciate the fact that he stays strong and tells us “accept me for who I am”.  It takes strength and courage especially in a movie industry that puts such a high premium on perfection.  I appreciate Hrithik, with one, two, or ten thumbs. He is a marvelous actor and I am looking forward to his next film. I might reconsider though making order in my room this weekend…

PS Talking about perfection, I was just looking at Priyanka ten years ago. and she definitely had a nose job since then. :-)

Who’s King in Bollywood?

Numero Uno. This is not an easy question to answer! Ever since I started watching Bollywood movies a few years back, I recall  this debate  going on, correction: Raging on! cuz nothing is taken lightly in India…  To the chagrin of  the stars and their entourages involved and to the amusement of audiences – like me, the heated debate of who is Nr.1  is a gladiator fight of gladiatorist proportions. We are in awe.  Let’s look at the contenders. Throughout the 80s 90s up to today this hard-fought for position has been held by a variety of stars:

Shah Rukh Khan  Some call him King.  Some call him dated.  Since his flamboyant debut in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,  he has been the frontrunner. Not just because of his movies, but the man is just Mr. Charisma Inc.  SRK has a long list of hits under his belt. He’s the desi equivalent of a Beatle in the 60s. When he’s in a generous mood he will come to the balcony of his home and wave to his fans. Yes, he is THAT big. and on top, the most charismatic of all the Indian actors. When he talks to people he will make steel melt, he’s so personable. His last movies were commercial successes but the throne is standing on slippery grounds. Personally, I couldn’t connect to any of his last five or six films. I wasn’t crazy about any but you can’t say that loud because he has millions of fans who will die for him and who will go on barricades. I think he needs not to worry. If #1 is passe, we’ll invent a new category for him.  (like they do at the Zee awards..) or we’ll just make him a Lifetime Hero.



Aamir Khan.  That doesn’t sit well with Aamir and no. they are not brothers. They are  frenemies, less fr more en.  He has made a few good movies.  His wife Kiran Rao is also someone to watch.  A powerful union.  Aamir pretends he doesn’t care if he is #1 or #2 but that’s bullshit.  I mean this man is box office gold and doesn’t need to worry about public placements. I loved him best in his older movies and my favorite is Earth!  He makes really good movies.  He is known as a perfectionist, so he takes his sweet time to get it right. People say he is shy. But he is not so shy when it comes to promote his movies! I am looking fwd to his next.


an older picture but he looks so sexy here :-)


Salman Khan, who has been called dead and history more than once ALWAYS bounces back. He has found the success formula with his heroes. But they are getting old. And so does he.  Whenever he reemerges with his big world embracing smile he holds firmly in his fist Box Office Numbers. They are on his side. For the time being. Salman is a party crasher as much as he is a honey-bee. I know lots of people who say he’s the one and only king. The best thing is, he believes it.  The beautiful thing about Salman is his eternal optimism.  It will keep him in the cradle of his all adoring fans.






Hrithik Roshan . I love the fact that he is back on the throne and people start putting him back into  a possible #1 position. Who would have thought after  Kites and Guzaarish? those movies could have easily been the nails for the fame coffin.  I was sure, he’d phoenix himself out of it.  I liked Kites, btw. couldn’t understand why it was demolished. I celebrate his return with his last two hits:  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Agneepath.  It feels like he has never left the stadium. Here, Hrithik, you earned the laurels! We’ll make you Kaiser.





There is hope then for Akshay Kumar‘s big come-back. I know it’s around the corner. His fans have never abandoned him. He has a steady footing. He is just such an adorable guy. It’s hard not to love him.  I wrote about him in a different post, so I  would  just reiterate which is boring.  Akshay dearest, I will always love you, adore you and watch all your movies.   for therapeutic reasons.  much cheaper than a shrink and less fattening than digging into a pot of chocolate icecream.  It must be the punjabi background  that fills him with irresistible flair and energy… Punjabis know how to celebrate!


this picture didn’t come bigger. but you are, in our hearts… :-)



Fact is, in India, you can be launched into the Nr.1 position with one single boxoffice success, and the movie can stink, the acting being rainbow high over the top. If it appeals to the masses and turns box office revenues into golden cows, you’ll be Nr. One.  But that’s not the only reason. Who is King in Bollywood depends largely on politics, not on movies.

Fans are politically divided and so are their opinions on their stars. Indian fans are not your regular star struck fans. They are MOLOTOV cocktails!!  just go to the Indian cinema board on Imdb and throw in a catch phrase, Aamir Khan is the best!  see what happens.

In my humble opinion, I am not Muslim, Hindu or Quarterback, all these stars will have to take a deep breath because YOUNGER ones will be tomorrow’s superstars. But maybe the whole concept is antiquated.  Maybe that era is already fading. Kids have shorter attention spans. They will not come in drones anymore  and wait for days to get a glimpse of their adored King XYZ. They won’t have time. The economy and making good money will keep them busy. Kingdoms are so yesterday.



Except the kingdom of  Amitabh Bachchan.

and let’s not get started on the Queens….