Ferrari Ki Sawari



A little boy thinks of nothing but cricket.

His father, Rusy, thinks of nothing but his little boy.

To fulfill his son’s dream of playing at Lord’s cricket ground, the honest and upright Rusy takes a reckless step.

He borrows a gleaming red Ferrari. Just for one hour. The only trouble– he doesn’t inform the car’s legendary owner.

A wild, breathless, bumpy ride begins.

A naive Rusy must dodge bullets and bouncers for one unforgettable night, and play the role of a perfect father. Can he do it?

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a fun-filled story of small guys and their big dreams… and how these dreams turn into a mad comedy of errors.

Fasten your seatbelts. The joyride awaits…

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Don’t expect Batman 3…  but Boman Irani is always a joy to watch and we got Sharman Joshi as a brandnew BW protagonist. He was saying about this movie that it is a heartwarming tale. I am not exactly sure which age group is going to see it.  from the look of it, consider me 14.

Shirish Kunder can’t let it go…

Shirish Kunder gets on my case. It seems as if since slap-gate he’s harboring even deeper resentments. He is like one of these little vicious dogs who get hold of a passerby’s pants and don’t want to let go anymore…:-)

Shirish Kunder wants to get beaten up by Shahrukh Khan again?
Friday, May 4, 2012, 12:08 [IST]
Shirish wants to get beaten up by SRK again?

Movie DABANGG Success Party
It seems like Shirish Kunder has completely forgotten that he got beaten up by Shahrukh Khan for posting nasty comments on Twitter about Shahrukh’s movie Ra.One. Now, he has once again tweeted something that could provoke Shahrukh Khan to slap him one more time.

We Guess Shirish Kunder is not too happy with the Farah-Shahrukh Khan friendship. The editor turned director Shirish’s latest tweet is almost a dig at Shahrukh Khan.

Shirish recent post on Twitter reads, “A Kingmaker is always stronger than the King (sic).”

Even a child knows that Shahrukh Khan is known as the ‘King of Bollywood’ and it looks like Shirish is referring to himself when he says ‘Kingmaker.’

Not so long ago, Shirish Kunder had clarified on Twitter about his patch up with Shahrukh Khan, “Shah Rukh and I just met, had a heart to heart chat and have resolved all misunderstandings. All animosity is now sorted for good (sic).”

Wonder what went wrong this time?

Shirish…, Shahrukh Khan does not need to prove anything to anybody. He is a self made man and is the undisputed king of Bollywood. But you still need to prove yourself because till now your only claim to fame is your wife Farah Khan.

So, next time instead of your words let your work do the talking!
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Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani, Vidya and Kolkata


If you have a tendency to bite your nails, this movie will leave  irreparable damage.  This is the first Indian thriller that really got under my skin.  Well, Johnny Gaddar was until now the one movie I would recommend to my American action-loving friends in order  to convince them that Bollywood isn’t all mush and romance, the bias most often attached to its genre. Sujoy Ghosh blessed me with another option.  From now on Kahaani will top my list. There are other decent thrillers but often they fall short in one or two other categories.

Apart from Vidya’s fantastic “Bidya” rendition, the whole cast was memorable here. They couldn’t have picked better characters for this movie. Kudos to the casting department. Incidentally, this is one  area Bollywood needs to pay more attention to: supporting cast. it’s what makes the difference between good and great. Its importance is too often overlooked.

Not so in Kahaani.  The clumsily scary hitman, the chief of police, the ambiguously good cop ( Parambrata Chatterjee), the foulmouthed Intelligence officer ( Nawazuddin Siddiqui ), the seedy hotel manager, all these characters came to life, embedded and hustling around in the gloriously colorful and bubbly city of Kolkata, grandeur of old, and microcosmic “galiya” (those narrow alleys. I hope i got it right)

Kolkata… ahhhhh! this is the reason why I love Indian movies taking place in India, chases through the narrow heavily populated streets,the food vendors engulfed in steamy hot oils, you can almost smell the spices, taste the delicious street food handed over to you in paper napkins. heavily spiced chais served in glasses, three quarter full…. It brings India to your front door. You want to jump out of your seat and go buy a ticket to Kolkata. At least that’s what I wanted to do..

The story of Kahaani is just as layered as its buzzing streets. A seven month pregnant woman in search of her husband who has gone missing mysteriously. At least that’s what you THINK you are watching… You can feel Vidya Balan’s heartbeat, a slight coat of sweat, her anguish mixed with resolve. Vidya Balan is again true to herself.  Oblivious to cameras surrounding her, instructions probably yelled out to her, she can tune all of that out – at her fingertips.  You know you are watching a movie, but you forget you are watching a movie…. you are watching her, you become her.  This is Vidya Balan’s genius.



After watching The Dirty Picture we could have been worried that she will be type-cast as the new Indian vixen, the new, authentically Indian sex symbol. But she beat us to it.

This is a roller coaster ride of a movie you shouldn’t miss!!

“Bumboo” by Jagdish Rajpurohit, based on the French movie L’emmerdeur


Should be interesting.  Sounds like a great premise.  Haven’t seen the original.  I wonder if this movie will wash up at US shores…  I hope it will.


Francis Veber’s story to get Indian adaptation

Writer-director Francis Veber, one of the most celebrated names in French cinema, is looking forward to the Bollywood adaptation of his famous story ” L’emmerdeur”.

“Veber’s scripts have been turned into movies in France and Hollywood but it is for the first time that his story is being officially adapted in India by producer-director Jagdish Rajpurohit in his upcoming film ” Bumboo”.

“L’emmerdeur”, a story about the unlikely friendship between a hitman and a suicidal man, was first adapted by Hollywood legend and Veber’s idol Billy Wilder.

The 74-year-old, however, feels that Indian version is far better than what Wilder, who made classics like “Sunset Boulevard”, “Seven Year Itch” and “Sabrina”, tried to achieve in “Buddy Buddy”, his career’s last film.

“It was a bad movie. It makes me sad because Billy Wilder is a legend and my hero but he made a mistake in his casting. He cast two guys he used to work with and it did not work. What I like about the Indian version is that they have cast right people. The killer here looks like a tough guy so I am looking forward to see how it fares with Indian audience,” Veber told PTI over phone from Paris.

The director, whose ” Dinner Game” inspired ” Bheja Fry”, says he was surprised to be approached for the rights by Rajpurohit.

“Most of the time my stories get adapted without my knowledge and I don’t get any money. But it is changing now. The Indian director of “Bumboo” was in touch with me. I was delighted to have someone who was very clear in his approach.”

Veber’s stories come from the cultural absurdities of the French people but they have been successfully adapted across the world. The secret, he says, is in having a high concept.”

John Abraham inspired by the film he produced: Vicky Donor


Smashing Farhan aka John Abraham ( I like Farhan almost better) is keeping busy these days. Not only is he working on his trilogy of sequels,  Housefull 2, Dostana 2 and Race 2,  plus I, Me Aur Main, in addition he has turned first-time producer  with his film Vicky Donor.

Truth be told, I don’t understand a word from this trailer, but making a movie about a sperm donor sounds like a fun idea.  I only wish  Johnny-Boy were  in it himself!  But for those of us who wish he’d in the movie there is a flickering light of hope. He wants to walk the talk and become a sperm donor : – ) so, girls, let’s stand in line for a donation…hehe

I forgot there is more news: after scaring poor John witless at the thought of having to spend 15 days in jail for a reckless (bike) driving incident yeeeeaaars ago, well, now he won’t have to. The victims slash witnesses can’t even remember anymore what exactly happened.

if you combine the two John Abraham newsy stories: 

you might be able (in your dreams haha) to obtain John’s sperm,  but it will  come with a speed-limit and waving:  Caution -Collision..



John Abraham donating his sperms!

“Actor John Abraham, who is all set for his first production on sperm donation, explains the importance of the issue. John, who believes in sperm donation, also wants to donate his own sperms for social cause.John has picked up a bold concept of infertility and sperm donation for his movie Vicky Donor. Explaining the importance of sperm donation to a leading daily, the actor said that there are so many childless couples all over, hence men should lend their helping hands and give such couples a new life. He also expressed his will to donate his sperms.John has always been actively involved in social causes. Adding up a bit more to his social works, his new concept of sperm donation would definitely inspire the young Indian men to go his way. But, this concept might face strong opposition from many conservative parts of our country as well.The film will see a new debutant actor VJ Ayushman Khurrana, who will play the role of a sperm donor. He will be seen opposite to Television actress Yami Gautam.”




MORAL OF THE STORY:  be as much of  A DAREDEVIL  as you like  ON SCREEN,  but DON’T TRY IT AT HOME.


Hmmm… if I remember well from my last visit to India, half of the population of motorized age should be fined for reckless driving… ok, three quarter.








Party like a Punjabi

I came across this old clip from Britain’s Got Talent,  featuring Signature and got such a kick out of it.


and I realize it’s not just our punjabi superstar Akki….who is always so celebratory and jolts you off your seat :-)

punjabi in da house, let’s get the party rolling…


… the original Singh is King


here are a couple of punjabi songs:

Mauja Hi mauja from Jab We Met



Nagada Nagada from Jab We Met



u gotta luv this: -)  Maa Da Laadla



here is a list of  families and actors and directors of Punjabi descent from wikipedia, and you got to ask yourself, who is left in Bollywood who hasn’t punjabi roots?



“The Kapoors – 1”. See Kapoor family for details. Prominent members were / are

The Kapoors – 2

The Kapoors – 3

The Malhotras

The Sahnis

The Anands

The Chopras

The Deols

The Dutts

The Tullis

The Puris

The Khannas – 1

The Khannas – 2

The Roshans

The Bedis

The Sahneys

The Kapurs

The Devgans

The Oberois

The Paintals

The Bachchans

The Aroras

[edit] Individual artists

Celina Miss India Universe 2001, Actress

[edit] Singers

(Vipen Malhotra) Karaoke Singer

[edit] Directors

[edit] Crossover directors and actors (Hollywood)

Cloudy with No Chance of Chicken on the set of “Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana”

If you are getting hungry and lust after a good chicken recipe, you’ll have to wait until May 11th, because that’s when Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana with Kunal Kapoor and the stunning Huma Qureshi opens.  (and it better comes to the US… or you’ll hear me howl all the way to Mumbai)



the making of a movie about a secret chicken recipe:



….with a glimpse of heartthrob Kunal Kapoor (dunno what he says there, but it seems to strike a chord.  it’s something about sabzi. I think he says if there is no chicken help yourself to the vegetables…)



Dude, where’s the chicken for the crew?



Honestly, I was looking for a trailer and I’ll update it as soon as I see one. meanwhile I thought the making of a movie about a chicken recipe with a no show of chicken on the set is pretty funny in itself.  But let’s talk about the producer of this movie.

This is a new adventure for the versatile writer/director/producer Anurag Kashyap, who we owe some of the most interesting and intriguing Indian movies of our time, like Udaan, DevD, Satya,  No Smoking,  Water, Mixed Doubles , Honeymoon Travels, Black Friday  (and this is just a selection of my favorites…) He will direct, produce, or just write most memorable dialogues. He is one of Bollywood’s powerhouses.  Comedy is a relatively new field for him, even though there is a lot of humor in Mixed Doubles and even the dark and surreal No Smoking.  If you look at his filmography you wonder if this man ever gets to sleep….





this is also the year for first-time directors… here comes a new one,  Sameer Sharma,  who wrote the beautiful screenplay for Swades:


Sameer Sharma, on the right, and  IMDb link:





here is a little something if you want to read up on Anurag Kashyap’s venture into  the culinary:





John Abraham injured on set. About the hazards of being a Bollywood star…

Our fearless Bollywood stars. Last week it was Vidya Balan, on the train tracks who escaped death,  now John got punched on the set of Shootout At Wadala (by mistake, wrongly timed punch)   hard on his precious nose, and don’t we love his nose, He was bleeding profusely, a doctor was called and he won’t resume shooting until March 9th. Not too long ago Abhishek Bachchan sustained an injury… if I recall it was his hand, no, his eye. His hand, that was another accident..(don’t have the time to google it).

Shahrukh is paying dearly for all his stunts of the past. He has been through so many crippling back injuries, surgeries… his doctors are in awe how he coped with all of it. Our Bollywood stars are No Sissies. They are THE REAL DEAL.  They walk the talk, ahem, the script. They do have stuntmen of course but from what I understand they do a lot of the risky stuff on their own. I am in awe!!  In Hollywood they got stuntmen who sit on the toilet in lieu of their actors, in Bollywood the stars dance on moving trains!!!


I can never forget how perplexed when I saw Dil Se for the first time and I kept rewinding to see if there was any special effect involved: No, there wasn’t!

and how can you not sing the praises of the whole group and camera crew… On Bollywood sets you truly live on the edge!


John Abraham nose punch:



Abhishek Bachchan on the set of Bol Bachchan



Vidya Balan’s brush with serious accident on the set of Kahaani



Srk accident on set of Don2:  (pay attention to “likes to do his own stunts…”)



and this is just the recent count, let’s not forget Koyla, the movie where Shahrukh almost got killed:



but the worst of all accidents in Bollywood’s history was Amitabh Bachchans injury of the set of Coolie, which almost cost him his life and has altered it forever.


There are so many examples of movie set heroism, near fatal accidents, I am bowing my head to our daredevil Bollywood actors! One more reason to love them…





Ali Zafar’s plea for Indo-Pak peace

Poor Ali Zafar is already getting the heat. Why is he getting attacked on this point? Is that a bad thing to wanting peace between these two nations who share a cultural heritage?  Is it an unworthy cause to shed tears for? Men are not allowed to cry? What’s wrong with this world?



Ali Zafar put his foot into a hornets nest. He’s learned out of this that it is better to shut up. One voice less arguing for peace. I guess people are not sick and tired of hate, they do want to hate each other a little bit more, a little bit longer. But one thing we shouldn’t forget. It’s the people who decide if they want war or peace, not the politicians who are in control and have their agendas. So if you stand up for peace, there will be peace one day. It’s going to be a good day.

I haven’t seen the interview, I cannot really judge, but I hope Zafar will continue to stand up for reconciliation between the two nations and not just on TV…

Few takers for Ali Zafar`s tears for Indo-Pak peace

Last Updated: Sunday, March 04, 2012, 16:43
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Few takers for Ali Zafar`s tears for Indo-Pak peace Islamabad: Pakistani actor Ali Zafar`s impassioned plea for peace on an Indian TV show while promoting his latest film ‘London, New York, Paris’, hasn`t gone down well with his Pakistani fans.


Zafar cried on film critic Komal Nahta`s show, saying he never felt like an outsider in India and how well Bollywood has been treating him.

“I tell people back home that I cannot express in words how well I am treated in India… for a boy like me this was beyond my expectations,” he said on the show wiping his tears.

Zafar had difficulty answering the host`s next question (“you did not lose your innocence”) and his reply seemed totally off the mark.

“…If u give love to the universe you only get love… if hate is all you have inside you, you only get hate… I don`t know why people don`t love, all you need to do is love… we`ve wasted so much time hating each other.”

Asked if he was talking in general or in the context of Indo-Pakistan relations, Zafar said, “What happens in the world is people cut each others` throats, give sadness to each other, the two countries are also part of this… we`ve lost too much in all this… The future generations deserve much better.

“We need to evolve faster and get humanity out of its misery… we should get out of these petty issues. Getting tired…” he added.

Zafar said it was his heartfelt desire that the two countries learn to coexist and believe in humanity more than anything else. His latest film has received mixed reviews and this interview has not exactly earned him many fans.

Pakistani websites are brimming with comments making fun of the actor. “I agree with peace, but those tears were fake. Ali Bhai ka best performance of all time. Oscar belongs 2 Ali Zafar…” read a comment on the website

Others accused him of being an “opportunist”, “money maker” and angling for an “Indian passport”.

“He is one of those people, who would do anything for money, literally anything”; “he can cry all he wants, everyone knows the true face of Ali Zafar. It starts with money and ends with money for him. He will sell his soul for money” and “peace is good for business” read some of the comments.

While Zafar himself has been retweeting and endorsing kind comments on his movie, Twitter users are calling him a “drama queen”.

“ we can actually call him `actor` after this performance!” reads a tweet. Another Twitter user said this interview would not help him save “London, Paris, New York”.

Zafar started working at the age of 18 and used to make portraits in a hotel lobby before striking big in the world of music and then Bollywood.

His tears failed to impress several Indians fans too. Incidentally this isn`t the first time Zafar has cried on camera.


London Paris New York – Jai Jai Love is in the Air

It’s spring and not just the cats start meowing outside through the night. This movie couldn’t have a better timing. London Paris New York pulls all the right strings.

Once again we can fall in love with the leading couple in a romantic comedy. It hits like a meteor and catches you by total surprise. Remember Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, that sizzling chemistry between two leads who set the screen on fire. not just the screen, the whole theater and then YOU?  You could have heard a needle fall when Nikhil and Lalitha were about to…and that’s very rare when you a watch a Bollywood movie in the theater, where people habitually talk text and answer their phones. Last time I remember it happening was in Band Baaja Barat.


Ali Zafar, where have you been until now? He was discovered among playback singers?? and he actually composed AND SANG in London Paris New York???  Not just that: his performance was very convincing and he reminded me a little bit of a young Al Pacino at times. He’s your perfect romantic hero but Zafar can pull off some darkness and depth in moments, which makes him one of the more interesting newcomers to watch out for in the future. People have been asking, who will be able to fill the shoes of the bigger Bollywood stars once they can’t pull off romance anymore? Look no further. We have a whole batch coming up and Ali Zafar just joined the club of the hopeful sitting on top of the heap! Well, we got an inkling watching him in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. There is something about Ali Zafar and you can’t put your finger on it, but you will remember him. He is sexy with a smirk. And you will remember the smirk more than his sex-appeal. Ok, enough drooling.

His adorable partner in crime in this romantic comedy is Aditi Rao Hydari, another pleasant surprise! Just as Zafar, she is just a few films old and seems already so accomplished, so veteran. She can change into different characters like a chameleon.

And this movie is about changes and journeys and how we go through different phases in life and how we face the challenges of a global world that pulls us apart while we follow different destinations.  How can we trust our feelings?  A chance encounter turns into something deeper. Even though we might recognize the significance of such an encounter, we let it slip away but the feeling never leaves of an unfinished story. So many novels have been written about it, movies made, but for some reason it always feels fresh and relevant, because either we had it happen to us or someone else we know is or has been going through it. Love is complicated and often sabotages itself. Lovers meet, lovers part. It’s a pain everybody who has been in love can relate to. How do we know when we are ready, who is our soulmate, if he/she exists?

We women are great in coming up with rule books in love, Nikhil is right. We love to establish rules and then get lost in them. Watch this movie to see if it relates to you, to your story or your best friend’s story… I loved this movie.Thanks Anu Menon.  What a promising directorial debut!!




London Paris New York: